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Dog Bath

fluff_dryingIf you have a breed of dog, or a mixed breed dog that sheds, you may think your dog doesn’t need “grooming”, but “just a bath”.

We believe that even though your dog’s hair doesn’t need to be shaved, your dog DOES need “grooming” and this is the “detailing” process we use with the shedding breeds:
Step 1 the dog is brushed to remove dead hair and the nails are trimmed

Step 2 - the dog is bathed with a deodorizing shampoo or on thick coated breeds with a special shampoo designed to facilitate brushing thick coats. While the dog is soaped up with the shampoo, we brush the shampoo through the coat which removes more of the dead hair and insures the shampoo is worked thoroughly through the coat. The inside of each ear is cleaned with ear cleaner and the ear leather is shampooed to remove dried wax and dirt. The dog’s face is washed, and also special attention is given to making sure the area under the dog’s tail is cleaned of fecal matter which sometimes gets stuck to hair under the tail and on the back legs.

Step 3 we use a “force” dryer in the tub. This is a high velocity dryer designed for the purpose of removing dead and shedding hair from the coat and to begin the drying process. Then we towel dry the dog to remove any excess water.    

Step 4we put the dog in a cage to rest with a (heatless) fan to continue the drying process

Step 5 we do a final brushing and drying with a warm stand dryer to insure that the dog is completely dry before leaving the shop.

PRICES: Prices vary according to how long it takes to accomplish the Steps above. As you can imagine, it will take many hours to properly groom some of the heavily coated large breeds such as an Akita or Husky, and the price will reflect the time we need to do a thorough job. Labs, beagles and other short haired breeds cost less. We can give you an exact cost when we actually see your dog but we can usually quote you a range of prices for your particular breed over the phone: 202.548.0044

If you are trying to save money and you don’t care if your dog is thoroughly brushed, or thoroughly dried before leaving the shop, you may want to try our Self Serve Dog Wash.