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FLEAS:When we find fleas on a grooming pet we will do one or both of the following at our discretion depending on the severity of the infestation. We will attempt to notify the the owner before using these products and assessing an additional fee, but we have to insure that there are no live fleas on any animals in our salon, and we will treat the animal without any notification when we are unable to reach the pet's owner.

1) All animals on which we find fleas get a "flea bath" with a flea and tick shampoo, which should kill the fleas on the animal, but does not have any residual effect to continue killing fleas after the grooming. The fee is $10 added to the regular grooming charge.

2) On some animals in addition to the flea bath, we will also administer an over-the-counter medication of "Capstar", which should kill all fleas within 2 hours, and promises to continue to kill fleas for 24 hours after administration. Any dog on which we see 5 or more fleas gets a Capstar pill and all cats on which we find fleas are administered a Capstar pill, to insure that all the fleas are killed. The fee is $20 added to the regular grooming charge.