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Bonnie's Dog & Cat Grooming

Priority or Cageless Grooming

Some dogs are particularly stressed by staying at the grooming shop, in the company of other dogs. Some owners are very stressed by being separated from their dog, or having their dog in a cage for any length of time, so we have made this special service available.

Occasionally we may require that you schedule a priority grooming for your pet. We require this when the pet is very elderly or has a medical condition which increases the risks associated with the stress of the grooming process, or with the stress of staying in the grooming shop for an extended period of time.

groomingBecause we need to have an employee drying the dog start to finish, and do not use a cage and a (heatless) fan to facilitate the drying process, it actually takes more hands on “man hours” to groom a dog while you wait. For this reason, and the fact that it is an interruption of our normal scheduling process and requires that the schedule be adjusted for all of the grooming we do that day, we do have to add a $35 “PRIORITY” fee.

Cageless grooming is by appointment ONLY and is NOT available on Saturdays.